Pinterest Picture Perfect

Are you like me constantly on Pinterest pinning some of your favorite plus size bloggers for outfit ideas and inspiration only to find yourself stuck with lots of pins and no way to execute them. The feeling can be overwhelming and you may even feel the need to go shopping and buy more clothes that you sometimes can not afford.

While most bloggers have links to where they purchased their items, as will I. Let's take some time to look at the basic must-haves to your Pinterest Picture Perfect look!  Just like you I am an everyday person and although I own a plus size boutique , the truth is I am not always willing nor am I always up to dressing the part. At the boutique I have one rule of thumb for shoppers and that is to dress according to your lifestyle. If your lifestyle allows for you to have all of the glitz and glamour then go for it! If not, there is still a way for you to look flawlessly good on a day to day basis. 

Let’s start off with one basic look that can be reworked many times. An easy to do look requires the basics: skinny jeans. Now it is completely up to you to have a basic jean or a distressed jean. Next we can work on our top. A blouse or a great shirt can effortlessly take your basic style to the top. While I am not a big fan of floral based tops I do like to incorporate the floral look and for me that can be displayed with color and in style. Bell sleeve tops give me all of the feels of floral without the floral pattern. You can select a bell long sleeve shirt or my favorite ¾ sleeve shirt. Here are some examples. 

      Now when it comes to footwear remember my motto dress according to your lifestyle. You may need a convenient and comfy shoe that will give you lots of style. Lately, my go to flat has been from a company called Rollasole. While this shoe was meant for the convenience of switching from a heel to comfy I find them to be very stylish for everyday use.  Of course this is not the only way to get this effortless style but it is definitely the beginning.

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Jeans: sold at Upton Boutique